Del Valle Illegals Call For Police to Stop Enforcing the Law

Illegal aliens in a Del Valle neighborhood are demanding that law enforcement stop doing their job after more than a dozen people were turned over to ICE during a Bastrop County traffic sting last month.

Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook confirmed on Facebook that on June 23 his department stopped 63 cars in Stony Point, arresting 24 people for offenses such as driving without a license or with a suspended license, or DUI. Two arrests were based on a fugitive who was found in one of the vehicles and cocaine which was found in another. He said 13 people were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.

Despite the clear criminal conduct, local leaders are calling for law enforcement to stop enforcing the law in order to protect the illegal aliens from deportation. Edie Clark, a leader with Bastrop Interfaith, complained that “when they couldn’t produce a drivers’ license, they were arrested and taken to the county jail,” she said.

According to Texas Code § 521.021, driving without a license is a crime.

Clark said her group had raised concerns with Cook three weeks ago about people speeding and illegally dumping trash in the neighborhood. In response to those complaints, the Bastrop County Sheriff’s office assigned additional patrol units to the area which were equipped to work traffic. To make the initiative as effective as possible, the deputies were instructed to use zero tolerance for offenses.

Of the 63 vehicles that were stopped, 38% of the drivers had no business operating a vehicle on Texas roads.

After the crackdown, these so-called community leaders shifted their demands from law enforcement to political issues involved in the immigration debate. Demands included a pledge to not arrest people for diving without a license and not ask people about their citizenship status.

Sheriff Cook’s repsonse to the demands? “If a request includes asking me or our deputies not to enforce the law, my position will not change.”

It takes some serious gall from the illegal alien community to demand that the Sheriff’s office stop enforcing the law.